Certified Professional Birth Doula Services

Scientific studies show us that having a doula in the birthing room has many benefits. The continuous support a trained doula gives increases the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth, reduces the perceived need for pain relief medications, decreases the likelihood of surgical or instrumental (forceps, vacuum) birth, and increases overall satisfaction.1

Choosing a doula who is a good fit is a very important decision, and one worth considering carefully. With seven years of doula experience and two physiologic (“natural,” drug-free, intervention-free) births of her own, Maura Jo is not only a Childbirth Educator, but also a Certified Doula with the only organization based in the Midwifery Model of Care (toLABOR).

Attending Home and Hospital births, as well as Birth Center Births, Maura Jo offers a holistic package of care that includes emotional, educational and physical support with a free consultation, two prenatal appointments, care through labor, birth and first feeding, an in-person postnatal appointment and continued phone and email support through the second week postpartum.

Though she has a network of doulas to serve as back-up, she has never missed a birth in seven years. In order to assure the high quality of personalized care she has built her reputation on, she accepts a very limited number of clients.

If you are interested in finding out more about ChildbirthCT.com’s doula services, it is important that you email or call today to set-up your free consultation and to determine doula availability.

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